I come from a very entrepreneurial family. As a child, dinner table conversations usually led to discussions about business. I consider myself very entrepreneurial as well. But what does it really mean to be entrepreneurial? Are there certain qualities? Is there a criteria? Can you be entrepreneurial working for someone else? Here are my thoughts…


  1. You don’t seek permission
  2. You evaluate risk vs reward and aren’t afraid to pursue opportunities that show the ratio in ¬†your favor
  3. You take initiative
  4. You don’t make excuses, you look for alternatives
  5. You do your best with what you have
  6. You are able to see trends where others just see noise
  7. You inspire
  8. You have ideas
  9. You take steps to turn ideas into reality
  10. You make the tough decisions
  11. You sometimes don’t know when to call it quits
  12. You are optimistic and relish in the possibilities
  13. You fail
  14. You get back up
  15. You create
  16. You never stop learning
  17. Your efforts lead to revenue

Hey there, I'm Marc!

I'm the Director of Growth Channels @Hootsuite. I've worked in digital marketing since 2000 for agencies, startups and companies like Electronic Arts & SAP. Thanks for checking out my site where I share digital marketing strategies on how to increase website traffic and generate more revenue.

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