Scared of Becoming a Victim of a Twitter Hashtag Fail?


Don’t know if your brand’s hashtag will be hijacked like McDonald’s #McDStories fiasco? Worried that your Twitter hashtag campaign will backfire like Rogers’ campaign to promote their new service #Rogers1Number?

Fear not fellow marketers! Here is an easy to digest flowchart to help you decide whether to use a hashtag in  your social media marketing campaign.




Twitter Hashtags are a Rallying Cry. Look Before You Leap

What marketers must understand is that in social media, we are not in control, the customers are. Twitter hashtags are a rallying cry for your community to support you or denounce you. Hashtags connect our users and give them a forum to have their voices heard. And when companies like McDonald’s and Rogers created hashtags as part of their campaigns, their users capitalized on the opportunity. They felt powerless as individuals, but had a forum via hashtags to have their voices heard loud and clear in a very visible way.

So before attempting to gather the masses on Twitter to discuss your brand, make sure your house is in order first.

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