There is no shortage of online marketing advice on the web, how-to’s and traffic generation strategies can be found on most popular blogs today. For companies seeking the secret to succeeding on the web, the information to do so is actually easily accessible from a number of very credible sources. So with so much information to succeed at our finger tips, why do so many fall short of reaching their web marketing goals?

Assuming you have a sound web marketing plan, it really comes down to execution. Execution of your plan is the lynchpin to succeeding. But when you distill it even further sometimes the issues are the result of commitment issues and fear of failure.


Beware of Online Marketing ADD


Just when you feel like you have a good handle on [insert the latest online marketing tactic], NEW information sprouts up in your Twitter stream or RSS feed. You start to second guess yourself in light of the constant stream of new information and tactics. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of perpetual learning and short attention spans. You sometimes feel like you’re plagued with ADD and you eventually get distracted by the next shiny tactic.

On the surface you may chalk it up to challenges with keeping pace with the latest strategies & tactics. But if you drill-down into it, the root cause is really lack of commitment.

Some marketing teams and companies get caught up in chasing the latest marketing tactic that they lose sight of committing to executing their plan.

Avoid Half-A** Attempts. Go All-In.

Another symptom of commitment issues are half-a** attempts at executing your plan. As an example when diagnosing SEO issues, at times the plan wasn’t flawed…it was just abandoned half-way. Rather than fully executing on their 10-point link building plan, you find that they only attempted 2 of them and called it a day because their first 2 attempts didn’t meet their expectations.

You almost have to blindly trust in your plan and have some grit and execute it in its entirety to realize the full results.



Be Fearless

Complacency & Bureaucracy = Fear


For some reason despite the opportunity that’s in front of many of us, some companies are still apprehensive about investing in online marketing activities. Fearing that their plan won’t work. The words ROI, roadmap, approvals and committee stand in the way of progress, innovation and results. The plan almost gets reviewed to death.

As an online marketing practitioner, I can tell you that no matter how much you read, learn and plan the most important element to success on the web is execution. Doing, measuring & learning is the lather, rinse, repeat of the online world.

LinkedIn’s CEO, Reed Hoffman recently shared some great advice that applies to online marketing; Plan to Adapt & Be Embarrassed by Your First Attempt.

  • Best laid plans are great, but don’t be constricted by your plans. Be prepared to change and adapt.
  • If you aren’t embarrassed by your first attempts, you are likely launching too late. Sometimes getting out there by doing and learning today is better than devising a plan that took 3-6 months to pull together.

The Best Advice for Online Marketers?

Quit reading, reviewing or spinning your wheels and just commit and start executing your plan now. The things you learn today could be much more valuable than investing twice as much time in anticipating the “what-ifs”. Success comes from executing your plans, learning from it and pivoting quickly when necessary.

Do you find that your team sometimes gets sucked into over-analyzing things? I’d like to hear what you did to overcome these issues.

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