Hailing All Digital Marketing Spartans!

What do you think of when you think of the legendary Spartan warriors? Lean? Disciplined? Effective? Six-pack abs?

As digital advertisers we can learn a lot from our six-pack brethren.

When you take a look at all the  digital advertising avenues you could pursue, theoretically you could have a very robust digital advertising plan, very analogous to a bloated slow moving ineffective army. But just because you have an ambitious and sizeable advertising plan doesn’t mean it results in achieving your goals or getting the best ROI.

In digital advertising it’s best to emulate a Spartan army. Your goal is to spend the least and get the most! Be nimble, fast moving and able to pivot.

Before investing another dollar in digital advertising ask yourself these questions:

  • What campaigns are taking up my time & attention but aren’t yielding sizeable results?
  • If I eliminated one of my lower converting digital campaigns would that negatively impact my online conversions?
  • If I invested more in one of my high performing digital campaigns how many more conversions could I get?
  • If I spent more time focusing on optimizing and squeezing every possible conversion from one of my high performing campaigns, what would happen? Is there room for growth in these campaigns?
  • If I had half the budget I have now, what would I spend it on?

The answers may not surprise you, but after answering these questions and applying them theoretically to your current digital advertising plan, how would your advertising plan look? Would your media mix still be the same? I’m willing to bet your media mix would be leaner, yet still effective.

How Do You Focus on the Critical Few?

  • Categorize your current media mix and identify (i) the top 3 highest converting campaigns (ii) campaigns that contribute to conversions, but aren’t the staple of your advertising plan (iii) campaigns that have yielded few conversions or ones that you difficulty measuring.
  • Double-down on  your highest converting core campaigns. You may not be investing enough time and budget into your core campaigns that are generating conversions.
  • Be decisive and ruthless with your advertising plan. Create clear-cut rules to determine which campaigns stay in your media mix and which ones get the axe.

By categorizing your campaigns and focusing on the top 3 campaigns that work best for you, you begin to develop a Spartan-like discipline which results in:

  1. Better clarity and focus on what was truly driving the bulk of your results. The Pareto 80/20 principle applies here. You’ll find 20% of your campaigns are driving the majority of your results.
  2. Improved awareness of your secondary campaigns that may be supporting your core campaigns.
  3. More budget to re-invest since you’ve cut the under-performing elements of your media mix.

This ultimately will help you simplify and get more conversions (six pack abs not included).

Hey there, I'm Marc!

I'm the Director of Growth Channels @Hootsuite. I've worked in digital marketing since 2000 for agencies, startups and companies like Electronic Arts & SAP. Thanks for checking out my site where I share digital marketing strategies on how to increase website traffic and generate more revenue.

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