When one of your customers complains about your service or product. Thank them.

No seriously. Genuinely thank them because they are giving you a second chance to get better and improve.

Think about it. How many times do we go through our day where we as customers passively dismiss a business because they didn’t do right by us?

  • Less than friendly waiter at your local restaurant? They weren’t rude enough for you to raise an eyebrow, but you certainly won’t be going back there again.
  • Unreasonably long line up during your hotel check-in? You might not complain to the manager, but you’ll definitely tell your friends about your  poor experience.
  • Lack of communication from that new online shoe store you gave a try? The next time you order shoes  you’ll just head over to Zappos.

Customers who care will give you feedback. Rather than simply walking out or never coming back they took the time to articulate their displeasure with your service. It’s your opportunity to turn them into a Raving Fan.

It may come in the form of customer complaints, poor survey scores or out-there-in-the-public online reviews. No matter the source, listen to them because they are subconsciously giving you the courtesy and the information you need to be better.


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