To Be #1 in Google You Need Links

Like most of you, I get spam in my inbox on occasion. But being in the internet marketing field, aside from the occasional Olive Garden coupon offers I also get SEO link building spam requests from far off places like Russia, India & New Jersey.

There was one that recently caught my eye from someone named “Zack” here’s an excerpt (the website name has been blacked out to protect the innocent):


I responded in kind, telling Zack the only way he can get a link from my site was if he promised me his first born child. Not sure why, but Zack hasn’t responded yet.


Does THIS Look Worthy of a #1 Spot in Google?

Out of curiosity I checked out the website in the email to see what it was all about and not surprisingly here’s the result:



My spidey senses were tingling right from the time the page loaded. It doesn’t exactly scream “trustworthy” does it?

Regardless of how many links this site gets, it doesn’t deserve to be in Google’s #1 spot from an SEO perspective OR from a user perspective. It just doesn’t hold any weight to it, meaning it would have a hard time with ARM;

  • Acquiring Users
  • Retaining Users
  • Monetizing Users

Any traffic the site does obtain would probably bounce of it like it had a Star Trek force field.

Does YOUR Website Deserve to Be #1?

Laugh all you want, but many SEO clients want to be on top of the search results. They’re willing to pay good consulting money to SEOs, but the question is…even if they do get the top spot in the search results and get the inbound traffic, do they deserve to be there?

  • Is your site what users are expecting when they search in Google?
  • Is your site optimized to convert that traffic into customers or lifelong users?
  • Does it match up with peers in your industry?

Before you fork over your hard-earned dollars to an SEO, could your site benefit from a user experience audit from a solid UX expert?

If you can’t answer positively to any of those questions, it’s going to be a very hard trek to the #1 spot in Google.  You may just have to hand over your first born child for those links 😉


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